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Økoguide - Ecoguide - is a guide to the Danish organic sector

For several years the Ecoguide was published as a yearbook but now the Ecoguide is converted to work only on the internet.

The printed book was published mainly in Danish but two times an English version has been printed. On top of that a German was also published in 1996 when at the scientific conference of IFOAM took place in Copenhagen.

In the period 1989 - 1999 the Ecoguide was the main producer and publisher of statistical data about Danish organic production, import/export and sale.

The printed yearbook included:

Information about the size of organic area, production, number of animals etc. in Denmark

Names and addresses of all companies, organizations, institutions and farmers in the organic sector of Denmark

Addresses of all organic farmers

Register of Farm shops etc.

Overview of scientific research on the organic field

List of organic certification bodies in Denmark and in Europe

Names and addresses of organic organizations, institutions and authorities in Denmark

If you are looking for organic companies etc. we recommend you to go to